Final four…

All Sooner Nation eyes will be locked and loaded for Tuesday night’s college playoff show. Where will the Sooners land?

The playoff selection committee is made up of committee of 13 members. Individuals serve three year stints so the committed changes from one year to the next. This makes for an interesting scenario…one year’s committee may value one thing with the next year’s group focused on something completely different.

This appears to be the case this year as this year’s committee appears to be focused on quality versus quantity. We saw this last week as OU jumped to #5 in the rankings in spite of giving up a kajillion yards and points to oSU. No one expected this to happen, but it did.

According to the committee’s spokesman who happens to be from the Big 12, this year’s committee is focused on strength of schedule and head to head matchups. Last year’s group appeared to reward teams for rubbing it in at the end of the game with meaningless points.

Apparently, those yard birds at the game on Saturday night missed this memo as they bemoaned the fact that OU was not trying to run up the score in the 2nd half against TCU. I suspect that given this year’s parameters an 18-point win against the #6 team in the country will impress this committee.

Of course I realize that far too many fans who attend OU games these days wake up in a new world every morning and just happen to find their way to the stadium, but really…

This latest selection committee would appear to bode well as the Sooners have now beaten 2nd ranked Ohio State on the road, the #11 ranked oSU on the road and now the #6 ranked team TCU last night.

This committee will also see a team that can score 30 points or more against any defense in the country.

The Ohio State win jetted the Sooners up the chart and I expect this will happen again on Tuesday. I know everyone assumes Miami will pass the Sooners due to their beat down of the Irish and their undefeated record, but I am not so sure.

Who have the Irish beaten other than this overrated Notre Dame team? They have beaten only one other ranked team and it was a then #13 Virginia Tech team.

Here’s my final four for this week.

  1. Alabama
  2. OU
  3. Miami
  4. Clemson

You may ask why does it matter whether which team is ranked #2 or #3 with these two teams squaring off in game one? It matters because we want to avoid playing Alabama in the first round at all cost so the higher up the chart the better.

Boomer Sooner…


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