Yes, I know Kansas started things by snubbing Baker during pregame and yes I know the KU fans who have no life were probably relentless from the stands and yes the KU players targeted Baker numerous times during the game, but; Baker has to understand that he is a marked man and that his swagger encourages such behavior on the part of opposing teams.

While the elephant-eared ESPN talking-head probably thinks Lincoln Riley’s punishment is too light…he has no clue about Baker Mayfield and his love for OU football. For Baker not to be allowed to walk out as team captain on senior night is by far the worst punishment that could be administered to him.

Because Baker is Baker, he will learn from this experience and be better for it. He will also appreciate the dignity and worth of his head coach. Baker knows that Lincoln Riley had no choice in the matter.

Baker may even take the incident as motivation to mastermind an 8th National Championship. This is the difference between Baker and the “Boz” and yes, between Lincoln and Barry.

If Barry had taken a similar stance with the Boz back in the day, we would not have had the implosion that took place in its aftermath. To this day, I can’t erase those pictures of OU players in orange jump suits or Charles Thompson in handcuffs.

Here’s the bottom line…Baker will sit out the first series on Saturday and live to tell about it. Lincoln and the Sooners will use this message to reassure the parents of recruits that the program will never be allowed to return to the chaos of the late 80’s.

For OU fans that love winning more than life, loving OU football done the right way should be even more important. Lincoln showed what he was made of today. This guy’s maturity level is far beyond his years.

The future of this program is off the charts with this guy at the helm…

Boomer Sooner…



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