The Playoffs…

The selection committee threw us a curve ball. They said they would go with conference champions first and foremost…then they went with Alabama over Ohio State.  Good move for college football and an even better move for the Sooners…

OU will play a winnable game against Georgia and then Sooner fans can sit back and root for the other Crimson team to beat Clemson.

I like OU’s chance against the run-first Georgia offense.   I know Jake Fromm was a five star recruit, but Fromm is still a true freshman.

As for OU’s offense, I believe this bunch, with or without Rodney Anderson will roll against Georgia. Those guys have not seen the likes of this offense before.

I know that rooting for Alabama is akin to blasphemy in Oklahoma, but there is a reason for my madness.  I believe that Alabama’s physicality gives them the best chance to knock off Clemson. I don’t about you, but I never want to play Clemson again. Roll Tide.

In Alabama, we will face a physical, well-coached team, but a team that OU can beat. The best remedy for a physical team like Alabama is to play up-tempo football. This Baker Mayfield offense seems to be able to always find the soft spot in a defense.

Alabama will also have just one week to prepare for the OU offense. A week is not nearly enough time to prepare for the number of weapons that a Lincoln Riley offense can throw at a defense.

I like our chances of bringing home #8

Boomer Sooner…



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