The mullet man for life…

Mike Gundy outsmarts the Aggies once again as he plays his Tennessee hand to get another pay raise. Of course your thinking outsmarting a room full of Aggies is like outsmarting a room full of pet rocks. In other words, we should have seen this one coming.

What I don’t get is why Tennessee keeps getting played by the Mullet man. Maybe the Volunteers should be renamed Aggies. In any case, Mike Gundy has decided to make his permanent home in Stillwater so watch out orange blossom girls.

It is my belief that the productive life-shelf of a head coach at a Power Five Conference is ten years. Gundy is already on the south side of that mark. His best years are behind him and the Aggie faithful will be stuck with him well into the next decade.

Of course give Gundy credit, he realized that he was not up to the rigors of the SEC. They play man football down there and Mikey wanted no part of that. Instead he has chosen the comfy confines of the Big 12.

Being smarter than an egg plan, Gundy is assured of an 8-win season every year. He beats three high school teams during the non-conference schedule and five junior varsity teams during the Big 12 season for his eight wins. You or I could do this for a lot less money.

For Sooner fans, the Cowboys will continue playing second fiddle to the Sooners for the foreseeable future…for Cowboy fans, they will be stuck with the mullet man for life. Only an Aggie would give a lifetime contract to a guy that has a 2 and 21 record against their archrival.

Then again, this is why they call them Aggies.






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