We won’t know until January 8th if Baker Mayfield will be the greatest player in OU history, but this guy has to be in the discussion.

Everyone has their favorites from Bud’s Billy Vessels and Tommy McDonald to Barry’s Joe Washington. I have a special place in my heart for Jack Mildren because he single-handedly recaptured the Texas recruiting map and returned the program to its former glory days.

I also love the fact that anytime OU played Texas in Dallas with the Boz in tow, OU fans would return to the Sooner state happy campers. That guy owned Texas.

Then there were the litany of great players that played during the Stoops era that are too numerous to count.   All of these guys were great players, but can any of these guys compare to what Baker has done for this football program. I think is safe to say, that OU fans will never again see the likes of a Baker Mayfield at quarterback.

Unfortunately, far too many talking heads measure the value of a quarterback from what they do in the NFL. I really hate this…College football is a different game. To underscore my point…without using google, tell me where these NFL greats played college football.

Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson, and Matt Ryan….all nice college quarterbacks, but not one conference champion in the bunch. I have enjoyed their stories of how they moved from non-descript college careers to become NFL stars, but still none of these legends of the pro-game could carry Baker’s jock in the college football arena.

Baker has single-handedly brought the OU program and the Big 12 Conference back from the dead. He beat Tennessee and Ohio State on the road, dominated rivals Texas and oSU, won three conference championships and willed his team to a final four playoff berth, not to mention winning the Heisman.

If Baker leads the Sooners to a National Championship, it will be hard to overlook Baker Mayfield as the greatest Sooner of them all.

Boomer Sooner…



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