2017 recruiting – first signing period.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having a hard time getting use to the new early signing day. In the old days the 2nd Wednesday in Februrary was perfect. February is the most miserable month of the year and having a signing day in February made the month bearable.

This year the NCAA decided to create an early signing day in December, just four days short of Christmas. Most football fans were so covered up with Christmas distractions or work, they missed the whole thing.

Any way it is what it is…we will have to live with it. On a positive note, this year college football will have two signing dates. That’s my silver lining…

In any case, here’s the Scout.com’s national top ten…

  1. Georgia
  2. Ohio State
  3. Texas
  4. Penn State
  5. Alabama
  6. Miami
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Clemson
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Auburn

1…Watch out for Georgia moving forward…they start a true freshman at quarterback and have a bunch of returning starters. With this year’s #1 recruiting class and finally a decent head coach the Bulldogs will battle Alabama moving forward.

2…Typical Ohio State class. These guys do less with more than any team in the country. OU needs to make Josh Proctor pay for becomimg a Buckeye.

3…I know Texas is known for wasting recruiting classes, but I suspect this coaching staff may be different.   The good news for Texas and possibly for the Big 12 is that Texas turned the tables on A&M and the SEC this year. Texas signed the top player in Texas and 9 of the top 15 in-state players.

4…Penn State got a player in Micah Parsons that OU would love to have had, but other than that, I am not impressed with Pedophile U.

5…Just as predicted, Alabama took their sweet time cherry picking the best talent. These guys are not finished…may end up #1 after the second signing date.

6…There will always be a ton of talent in south Florida for Miami to recruit. If these guys had any coaching at all, they’d be dangerous.

7…Notre Dame loads up once again on highly ranked slow white guys…

8…Clemson is the antithesis of the Big Ten schools. They will get the most out of their players and will dominate a weak ACC. Clemson will be in the final four discussion as long as they can hold onto Brent Venables.

9…OU recruiting is just getting started under Lincoln Riley. We should thank Bob Stoops for stepping down before the season and before this recruiting cycle revved up. Bob was done and he knew it…Lincoln is just getting warmed up.

10…Auburn will continue to be the oSU of the SEC. They can live rather well off Alabama throw-aways.


Big 12 Rankings






5…West Virginia

7…Iowa State

8…Texas Tech

9…Kansas State


Big 12 thoughts…

1…See Texas comments above.

2…See OU comments above.

3…TCU does as good a job of evaluating its recruits as anyone in the country. Two years from now the Horned Frogs will be competing for a Big 12 Championship once again.

4…Give Tom Rhule and Baylor credit. This guy has brought Baylor back from the dead. Baylor will be back sooner than people think.

5A. Due to scholarship limitations, oSU will always get their share of Oklahoma kids that OU cannot afford to take. They will also get Texas kids that Texas and A&M don’t have room for. All in all, this is a pretty good Gag class.

5B. Some recruiting services have the West Virginia class ranked ahead of oSU. Nothing special here, but with quarterback Will Grier returning in 2018, look out for the Mountaineers, especially the Friday after Thanksgiving.

7-10…Give Iowa State’s Matt Campbell credit. Convincing three star recruits to relocate to Ames Iowa is pretty impressive.

Texas Tech continues to struggle to convince good players to move to Lubbock. I have never been to Lubbock, but those who have been there tell me that it sucks. Then again, Tech has finally learned how to play defense. The Red Raiders also have a bunch of returning starters for 2018, so pretty boy may get in done after all.

Look for K-State’s Bill Snyder to put the rumors aside and return for his 100th season in Manhattan. At that point he can set his sights on the 2nd signing period and the Kansas junior college crowd.   When this happens, this class will rank in the middle of the Big 12.

This Kansas recruiting season started off with so much hope with six Louisiana commitments. The Jayhawks ended up with half that many, but one was a four star defensive back stolen from under the noses of LSU. May not seem like much, but this is a start for the worst football program in America.


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