Road to Recovery…

Just like an alcoholic, I drank an excessive amount of OU Kool-aide once again and now I’m suffering from another OU football hangover.

For some reason I thought that Mike Stoops might develop a clue sometime during my lifetime. This was my first mistake.   Then, I assumed that this staff like every other coaching staff in America would have someone assigned to coach special teams.  Wrong again…

With both hands tied behind our backs, I should have seen this train-wreck coming. After all, I should have remembered that this is the same OU team that barely got out of Dallas and Stillwater with wins and lost at home to a weak Iowa State team. Baker, particularly a sick Baker can only do so much.

Then again, like all OU fans, I really wanted to believe in the worst way that we had turned the corner.

This would have been the time for me to remember that OU made its bed three years ago by deciding to stay in the Big 12. Recruiting that year took a nosedive as every 5-star recruit in Texas headed for the SEC.

I know OU fans get tired of hearing this, but the proof is in the recruiting pudding.

This OU team had one (1) five star player on the field in the Rose Bowl while Georgia had ten (10). Overcoming Mike Stoops with this kind of talent discrepancy is not going to happen.

However, there may be a light at end of the tunnel as OU got a commitment from five star defensive back this past Saturday…this guy will fit in nicely with the other five-star player (Caleb Kelly) currently on the OU roster. May not seem like much, but at least it’s a start.

Hopefully, history will repeat itself as well as OU fans can hope for more good news down the road.   The last time OU football suffered a loss like this one was the Bob Stoops/OSU fiasco of three years ago. That was when donors pressured Bob to get rid of Josh Heupel.

I have not seen Mike Stoops since the Rose Bowl game so we can only hope that he was left on the tarmac at LAX.   The same goes for our specials teams guru…Maybe these two idiot-sticks can take their Abbot and Costello Act on the road.

Okay, Lincoln here we go…these are your three steps you must take to ensure that OU can compete with the SEC

…Fire Mike Stoops.

…Make someone on this staff accountable for special teams (maybe you can give Ruffin McNeil something to do).

…Recruit SEC-type players.

If this does not happen, we must hope that football gods will spare us another Final Four/SEC matchup next year.   Give me a Cotton Bowl game against a slow-footed Big Ten team any day. Then, we can end the season on a positive note before going into the dreaded offseason.

Boomer Sooner…

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