Oklahoma wrestling…

In typical Aggie fashion, OSU named their basketball arena for a wrestling coach.   Then again, this is the same bunch that invented the term mythical National Championship. Even before they named themselves the 1945 mythical football national champions, they did the same thing in wrestling.

Since the days of Daniel Boone and Abe Lincoln, guys had been wrestling each other. Oklahoma A&M’s Ed Gallagher decided to turn this event into a sport. It was 1921 and A&M began beating up on high school teams in dual wrestling matches. The Ags won every match for 10 years and every wrestling National Championship for 20. That’s right, this is where all those national championships the Ags love to brag about come from.

After the war, other colleges, including OU and the best college wrestler of all time Danny Hodge got into the mix.   As a result Oklahoma became a hotbed for high school wrestling. Both OU and OSU won authentic National Championships in those days.

It was at the tail end of this era that the Bedlam term was created. OU’s Dr. Death (Steve Williams) had worked the Aggies into such a frenzy that OSU officials had to call out the Stillwater fire brigade to hose down the crowd.

In the 70’s girls decided they preferred watching guys run up and down the court while slam-dunking basketballs to guys rolling around on a mat grabbing each other crotches. High school wrestling in Oklahoma began to wane. When the Big 12 disbanded and Missouri and Nebraska left the conference the sport died on the vine.

Today, the Big 12 is made up of an OU program that is on life support, an OSU program in desperate need of a rival and Iowa State that is desperate of a men’s sport.  In standard idiotic style, Big 12 officials created a makeshift conference made up these three teams, North and South Dakota State, Northern Colorado and Utah Valley.

That’s right Oklahoma wrestling has gone from Bedlam to riveting matches against Utah Valley. Following suit…at this year’s national tournament, the once proud Cowboys finished 13th while the Sooners collected a measly one point to finish at #56.

Can anyone say…uncle…it is time to put this sport out of its misery.




While most would to prefer to burn the tape of this year’s basketball season, I suggest that we take another look…OU will never be a Kansas, Kentucky or Duke that can sign “one and done” players on a regular basis. Just as importantly OU is not going to interview for the FBIs Most Wanted List.   These facts create a conundrum of sorts for OU fans.  We want to win, but getting enough NBA-type players through the “one and done” process or by cheating is not in our future.

We are stuck with being a good, not great basketball program coached by a guy who will always do things the right way.   Kansas will get the one and doners while OSU will gets its players the old fashioned…by cheating.

On Thursday night in Pittsburgh, Trae Young and the OU basketball team will both be one and done. The good news is that Trae will make millions and possibly give some of that money back to OU for us to build a real basketball arena.  The other good news is that the Sooners will play one more game in the tournament than OSU.

I think that most of us believed that OU’s season would be over following that embarrassing loss to OSU in Kansas City. I believe that for OU to be playing one more game is a big deal.   Being the naïve sort of guy that I am, I believe the selection committee may have asserted itself by rewarding Lon Kruger the extra game instead of OSU.

The committee is made up a bunch of coaches who care about the game and who want it preserved for the next generation to enjoy.   These guys hate cheaters as much as I do and when given a choice between OU and OSU last Sunday, they chose the good guys.

Some may say, why does it matter with the Sooners likely headed back to Norman Thursday night. It matters because, it has to start somewhere and this may be a good place to start.  Good should always overcome evil.

This is my story and I’m sticking with…

Boomer Sooner…