There is always next year…

Just like the Chicago Cubs fans of old, this has been the mantra of OU fans for years. I loved OU football growing up, but I cut my teeth as a baseball player. Needless to say, I became an OU baseball fan as well. Times were good back in the day as Enos Semore put OU baseball on the map.

After Enos retired, OU spent only one year in neutral before hiring another great baseball coach in Larry Cochell. Cochell guided the Sooners to a National Championship in ’94. Those were good times…we did not know how good we had it. That was then and this is now.

A young Joe Castiglione fired Cochell for an ill-advised, politically incorrect comment. He compounded that mistake by hiring Gene Stephenson from Wichita State. Stephenson lasted less than 24 hours before changing his mind and returning to Wichita. Then in a knee-jerk move, Joe C. hired Sunny Galloway who many contended during his tenure to be the worst human on the planet.

When Texas pitching coach Clint Johnson was overlooked for the Texas job, Joe hired him to be the pitching coach for the then coach head coach Pete Hughes. I have to believe that Joe has matured as an A.D. and that he knew all along that Clint Johnson would be promoted to be the head guy at the first opportunity. This happened last year and now we shall see.

Okay, here’s deal with OU baseball…OU baseball is woefully behind the rest of the world. We recruit to a high school-type stadium while the other guys play at stadiums that Minor League teams would be proud of.  We will not turn this thing around over night, but then again, the college game can be unpredictable.

In spite of OU’s traditional midseason swoon, the Sooners have managed to salvage the third game of the three game set against Texas and Tech.  May not seem like much right now, but after twenty years of horrid baseball, we will have to depend on moral victories until the new coaching staff gets things figured out.

I know I am going out on a limb here, but I think we may finally have the right coach…

Boomer Sooner…




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