The Baker factor…

On draft day, hundreds, if not thousands of OU fans declared that they knew all along that Baker would go first in the NFL draft.   As for me, I didn’t see this one coming. I was hopeful that Baker would be at the top of the first round, not just for Baker’s sake, but also for the good of the program and most importantly, for recruiting, but I never expected him to go #1.    Now that he has, it will be important for us to mark this moment going forward.

Just like another great OU quarterback, Baker will be like a bell cow when it comes to recruiting.  Back in the day, OU football had hit a lull following the Bud years.   It was 1969 and Barry Switzer was making one of his many forays into Texas to steal that state’s best high school talent for the Sooners.   The best player in Texas that year was Abilene Cooper’s Jack Mildren. Mildren like Baker Mayfield was not blessed with the prototypical physique of most star quarterbacks.   Instead Mildren like Mayfield possessed the heart of a champion to go along with the Crimson blood flowing through his veins.

Mildren became the bell cow that year as he led the procession of great Texas high school talent crossing the Red River to play for the Sooners.   With this group, the Sooners became a force on the national scene once again, played in the ’71 Game of the Century and won National Championships in ’74 and ’75.

I see the same thing happening today as Baker has become the standard bearer for OU football and as a result blue chip football players are flocking to Norman once again. The Sooners will return a solid nucleus of talent this coming year to go along with a top ten 2018 recruiting class.  Joining the Sooners over the next two years will be the #1 ranked Rivals (2019) class and the #1 247Sports (2020) class. Not since the Barry years have the Sooners recruited like this.

I know that no one would wish the Browns job on anyone, but then again, if anyone can be successful in Cleveland, Baker can. Baker is the type guy that legends are made of.  What better place than Cleveland for him to show off his Super Man impression. The whole world including the next batch of blue chip recruits will be watching as well.

Buckle up Sooner fans; we’re in for a fun ride in both Cleveland and Norman…

Boomer Sooner…




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