Famous college slogans…

Oklahoma “Boomer Sooner”

Auburn “War Eagle”

Alabama “Roll Tide”

Texas “Texas Fight”

USC “Fight on”

Oklahoma State “Next year is our year”

Possibly given the Sooner women’s recent dominance of the Cowgirls in softball, we should change this slogan for OSU to read, “next decade is our decade”. With this year’s sweep, the Cowgirls have not beaten the Sooners in softball since 2011. The current OU win streak is at 20 games. One more year and the Sooners win streak over the Cowgirls will last into the 2020’s.

One may ask…how does this streak compare to football? While the Sooners have dominated the football series 88-17-8, the longest winning streak was 19 games from 1946 to 1964.   While that streak spanned more than one decade and will forever be the moniker for in-state rivalries, sweeping a team in three-game sets every year may be a taller order.

As you know even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while, so just like the Aggie football team, the Cowgirls will eventually snap the softball streak. At the same time given the fact that the Sooners return a solid nucleus of junior starters next year and the Cowgirls will graduate their best team in years, this streak may be safe for at least one more year.

As OU fans we love winning streaks so stay tuned…

Boomer Sooner…


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