Sooner Magic…

The Commerce Department should have taken Kyler Murray’s negotiating team to the G-7 Summit meeting last week. First, his team negotiates a $4.7 million dollar paycheck…then a deal is struck that will allow Murray to forgo his professional baseball career until after this year’s football season.  Kyler Murray used OU football as a bargaining chip in a manner rarely seen.  Murray moved up some 31 rungs on the draft board in less than a week.  OU fans are coming out of this deal smelling like a rose.

Keep in mind that none of this would have happened if the Oakland A’s did not see Murray as the 2nd coming of Rickey Henderson.  It would also not have happened with out OU football being king.  Kyler Murray believes in his heart that he can be the reincarnation of Rickey Henderson, he also believes that he can lead football to the promised land in 2018.

This fall, OU fans will be treated to Kyler Murray directing the next Sooner football juggernaut and then in the spring, OU fans can watch Kyler Murray impersonate Rickey Henderson. I remember watching Ricky Henderson play for the A’s back in his prime and that guy was some kind of special.  The Oakland A’s have been doing this for a while so I expect they know what they are talking about in comparing these two players.

One last comment on this subject…how is it possible that Texas A&M could let this guy get away…there must be something in the water at an Aggie school.  A&M can change coaches until the cows come home, but those guys will still be Aggies.

As for my fellow Sooner fans…there must be something in the water in Norman these days as well. It’s called good Karma…keep those positive thougths going OU fans.  Life is good.

Boomer Sooner…

Respect the game…and the girls who play it.

Without a doubt the WCWS is the best thing to hit OKC since the land run and the best thing to happen to women’s sports in forever. If you can’t get excited about Patti Gasso’s teams you need to check your pulse.

At the same time, OKC and the NCAA need to step up their game. First, OKC must expand the stadium.  A stadium that seats a mere 8,000 fans with less than a half of those seats being quality seating is a joke.  I know that expansion is supposedly on the horizon but let’s get off the snide and get ‘er done.

Next, the NCAA needs to step it up by treating this game with the same respect of the men’s game. Baseball regionals, super-regionals and the world series are played with four umpires, one for each base.  Yes, the dimensions in softball are shorter, but we need to have enough umpires to cover the entire field of play.

That mess in game one of the series was a perfect example of this fact. On that play the home plate umpire makes the call for a play in right field.  Possibly, she has bionic eyes, but that was insane.   Moe and Curly, the other members of the three-member crew run in from Yukon hoping to get a look.  That’s right…everyone was out of position to make a call that decided the game. Heck, I had a better view of the play than those guys from my right field bleacher seat.  Trust me I could have made that call and gotten it right, at least for OU fans.

It was a tough call for sure and could have gone either way, but I want someone in the same area code as the play to make it. Give Patti’s girls credit, they fought back on Saturday, but in a good year winning four games in two days is next to impossible…to manage that feat in this sweltering Oklahoma heat was not going to happen.

Finally, here are my solutions to this week’s issues…

First let’s tack on an upper deck for Hall of Fame Stadium to the next Maps Project. We’ve done it for everything else, why not softball. OKC…you do not want to lose the WCWS.

Next, let’s pass the hat before every WCWS game to pay for an extra umpire so the entire field of play can be covered. They do this in the men’s game so why not the women’s game.  These girls worked hard to get here…we need to respect them for their efforts.

Boomer Sooner…