New Guy…

New guys should be seen and not heard…I learned this lesson years ago as a school administrator. There’s always time later to become a legend in your own right.  Apparently, new OU President Mr. Gallogly missed the memo.  Pointing out the flaws of your predecessor in a public forum is not a good move, particularly one of David Boren’s reputation.   Don’t get me wrong OU has to pay its bills like everyone else, but suggesting that OU was in dire financial straits was over the top.

It looks like the new guy may not be from around these parts…if he’d spent any time in Oklahoma, he would know that Oklahoma public colleges are funded by the Oklahoma State Legislature. Our legislature is made up of some of the dumbest humans on Planet Earth.  You have to fail an IQ test to get into the place.  Making matters worse is the fact that a vast majority of these nimrods are Aggies who hate spending money on public education.

Oklahoma legislators believe that OU should take a page from the OSU playbook and find their own sugar daddy. Instead OU under Boren has taken a different path for school funding.  Boren has used university bonds to support the OU cause.  This is the same method used by the big boys back east to create great universities according to World Finance.

Granted, OU must pay the interest on these bonds, but this has not been a problem over the past twenty years. Additionally, with each new structure that includes athletic facilities that this bond money creates, it is matched by private donors.  It appears to be working as OU donors contributed $2 Billion dollars for OU projects over the past two years.

Finally, I do want to cut the new guy some slack…after all I am hopeful he will address the sucky Big 12 t.v. contract…I am also hopeful that the new guy will stop obsessing over little brother and allow OU to make its own way.  I also appreciate the fact that the new guy must feel a bit overwhelmed competing with the Boren Legacy.  This must be akin to what Gomer Jones found after taking over for Bud Wilkinson.  Then again, this is why the new guy will be making big bucks.

Let’s hope the new guy has the moves of a Joe Washington. We need the new guy to do well…

Boomer Sooner…


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