Saving seasons and possibly careers…one game at a time…

OSU appears to be working wonders this year at saving the seasons of opposing coaches.  After playing their preseason schedule against high school teams, the boys have proceeded to save the seasons and possibly, the careers of four coaches.

First, we have Kliff Kingsbury at Tech.  Kliff had lost six in a row to the boys and needed a win in Stillwater in the worst way.  Lose that game and Kliff would have been looking for another job.  Next up was Kansas where David Beaty is hanging on by a thread.  I know that OSU beat Kansas, but we are talking Kansas here.  The Jayhawks were within 13 and had the football late in the fourth quarter before OSU pulled away.  It doesn’t take much to save a coach’s job at Kansas.

Next up was a 1-3 Iowa State team desperate for a win to save their season.  The Cyclones had lost to in-state rival Iowa, OU, and TCU.   Matt Campbell was not in jeopardy of losing his job, but a loss to OSU would have thrown a major wrench into Campbell’s rebuilding program.

Finally, I know that Bill Snyder will be in Manhattan as long as he wants, but at some point even Snyder will tire of beating his head against the wall.  Going 2-5 at this point in the season might just have done it for the Silver Fox.

Just think about this, in the last month, OSU has gone from being favored by ESPN to win every game except Bedlam and being projected for a New Year’s Sugar Bowl game to a possible 6-6 season.  Now, they are scrambling at 4-3 and are favored to beat only Baylor and West Virginia the rest of the way.  Thankfully, for OU fans Mike Gundy has a life time contract in Aggieland.



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