Here we go again…

As every OU fan knows it seems to be imperative that the Sooners lose one game during the first half of every season.  The painful part this year is that it had to be Texas.  That’s okay, play our cards right and we can make this deal work out for us in the end.

It seems as if any time we lose to OSU or Texas something good comes of it…a few years back it was the eventual demise of Josh Heupel and this year it is losing Mike Stoops.   I don’t expect Ruffin McNeil to work wonders with this OU defense, but things can only get better.

The OU defense under Stoops reminded me of the entire team under John Blake…total disarray.   At least this time the offense already knows where to line up.  TCU will provide an excellent test to see if the OU defenders can get lined up as well.  It will be a perfect test for our re-tooled defense.  Shawn Robinson may play, but this guy is far from 100% and their running game is anemic.

Helping grease the wheels with be the 11:00 start at Amos Carter Stadium.  The TCU crowd won’t show up until the middle of the 1st quarter and will head for the house in the 3rd quarter.  I love their new stadium, but their fans are weak.

Gary Patterson bit off way too much to chew this year.   Playing physical Ohio State and Texas teams back-to-back was a back breaker.   TCU followed those games up with a couple of improving Iowa State and Texas Tech teams.  That was a brutal schedule. Patterson will have his guys ready to play, but without a full strength Shawn Robinson, OU should prevail.

Then, the Sooners will start their standard march to the top again.  I hate losing, but it is always pretty cool to watch how a loss can motivate a bunch of Sooners.  Texas is plenty good and has a nice schedule down the road, but I would love to see these guys play a re-tooled and worked up OU team in December.

I know I should be careful what I ask for, but I can’t help myself…

Boomer Sooner…




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