Week 8 thoughts…

I am not positive about this, but I could have sworn I saw the OU defense make three stops in row during the 3rd quarter on Saturday. I say that I am not positive; because it has been so long since I had seen a defensive stop by OU, I had forgotten what they looked like.

I know that TCU was playing with a banged up starting quarterback, a backup quarterback that was playing in the Ivy League last year and no running game, but at least it’s a start.

Why the heck does Lincoln Riley insist on playing his starters deep into the 4th When up by four touchdowns inside the 5 minute mark, pull your starters and avoid costly injuries. I worried all night about the severity of the Trey Sermon injury.  For those using style points for an argument for running up the score…you can forget about that one. The playoff selection committee doesn’t reward teams for margin of victory.

Next week’s Orange Bowl in Stillwater is a win-win situation for OU fans…in one day one of our hated rivals is sure to lose…This is a tough one, but I will have to root silently for the Horns…a Texas win helps OU’s playoff cause.

Did you catch Saturday’s ESPN Game Day…it was from Pullman Washington where they had 55,000 fans show up at 7:00 in the morning. That number was 20,000 more than were in attendance for the Big 12 games in Lubbock and Fort Worth on Saturday.   It was also 25,000 more than the paid attendance at the WSU/Oregon game itself…it may be time for WSU officials to think about a stadium expansion.

Keeping with the Washington State topic, I love the fact that Mike Leach never played a down of college football…you might say that Leach spent his college days at BYU as a student of the game.

What a difference a coach can make…Ten years ago, Washington State and Purdue were as bad as today’s Kansas…Possibly once Bill Self gets indicted for taking Adidas money, the KU officials will take his $5 million dollar paycheck and hire a football coach.

You gotta love college football…only in this game can a #2 ranked Ohio State team get schooled by a by a bunch of Boilermakers…seriously, how can you not root for a team with that mascot.

By the way, I am sorry, but I miss the old days when a big OU win meant rushing the field…the rest of college football does it…I saw it twice on Saturday. Pull off the brown shirts from the sidelines, pay the fine and let the kids rush the field. This game is special because of it’s emotional side.   OU officials need to get over themselves and let it happen.

I may owe LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron an apology…He’s got his Bayou Bengals playing really well. Then again, you gotta hate LSU…what a bunch of ……….. you may fill in the blank here.  Speaking of obnoxious…LSU is the only team in America that gets to wear its road whites both home and away.  I like those uniforms, but who died and made LSU God.




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