The Big 12…

First, let’s address the Texas meltdown in Stillwater…the moment the game was scheduled for a night contest, it was over…I watch a lot of college football and underdogs have a huge advantage in night games.  Last week it was Purdue, Washington State and Iowa State.  This week it was Mississippi State and OSU.  Liquor up the night crowd and its game on regardless of the opponent.  These are made for t.v. dramas that ABC/ESPN lives for and I would suggest plan for.  Their latest attempt at creating an upset and a crowd rushing the field scene will be this next Saturday night in Lubbock.

Of course Texas did their part by being ill-prepared for the game.  Then again, like I’ve said before Texas only gets up for one game a year.   Watching the Texas debacle may actually help OU’s players avoid the same plight.  I expect that Lincoln will have his Sooners ready to play from the get go in Lubbock.

I have to admit that I was actually rooting for Texas in this game, not just because it was OSU, but because a Texas win would have helped OU’s playoff hopes.  Texas can still get to the Big 12 Championship game, but only as a two-loss team which will not help the Sooner cause.

The other scenario is a lot tougher…if West Virginia beats Texas next Saturday and runs the table the Sooners must beat the Mountaineers in Morgantown the night after Thanksgiving which will be a tall order.  Even with that win, the Sooners will end up playing a two loss Mountaineer team in the championship game the next week.  Again, this will not impress the selection committee.

That’s right…not only did Texas losing cost us a great chance at revenge, it may have also cost us a playoff berth. Making matters worse will be the consolation prize of playing the SEC runner-up in the Sugar Bowl.  I’ve had better thoughts…

Of course the Sooners will have to win out for any of this to matter so that mission must start in Lubbock this next Saturday night…

Finally, a shout out to the Kansas Jayhawks…KU won their first October game since 2009.  That’s right Saturday’s win over TCU was the first KU October win in 38 games.  That streak had spanned the KU coaching careers of Turner Gill, Charlie Weis and the first two years of the David Beaty regime.  Can you imagine having to live through that…

Now it’s on to Lubbock…the good news is that the defense is improving…the bad news is that it’s a night game in Lubbock.  I like our chances, but it will be a struggle.

Boomer Sooner…



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