Is Texas back?

If given a litmus test, I would have to say no…They looked really bad in that meltdown last Saturday in Stillwater. I know OSU seems to have their number, but then again, OSU had just lost to a really bad K-State team by three touchdowns the previous game.

Now, Texas is really up against the proverbial wall as their entire season hinges around a win against West Virginia.  Then, the Horns must follow that win up with one in Lubbock the next week. Bad timing after the Shorthorns laid an egg in Stillwater last week.

The question to be asked is which West Virginia team will show up in Austin Saturday afternoon…the one that was dismantled by Iowa State or the one that dismantled Baylor last week.  If West Virginia brings it’s “A” game to Austin, the Horns will be in trouble.

I do think that Texas is better than last year so possibly they will show up to play this week.  I do know one thing for sure, if the Horns come out complacent again, it will get ugly early.  I also know that Texas fans traditionally show for one game a year, the one in the Cotton Bowl.  The first hint of a loss to West Virginia and these fans will be headed for Sixth Street.  Texas has gone from playing for a CFP bid to a Cactus Bowl berth in just one week and their fans know it.

Finally, this game is making me crazy…On the one hand, I want Texas to knock the wind out of the West Virginia sails before we play them on Thanksgiving weekend, but then again, our only shot for the playoffs is with a West Virginia win.

I believe that West Virginia is better than Texas and Dana Holgorsen will not allow his team to be unprepared for a night game in Stillwater in two weeks. I will be rooting for the best of all worlds here…another Texas loss, an OSU loss to West. Va., and an OU win over a highly ranked Mountaineer team at the end of the year and yes, a playoff berth.

Is Texas back?  We will know the answer to that question at 6:00 on Saturday. My money will be on my previous opinion that I had at the beginning of this year…the Horns are still a year away…


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