Good time day…

As a kid, my daughter would use this expression whenever she had a really good day…OU fans had a  good time day on Saturday as the Sooners won and the Gags and Horns lost.  Adding to the pleasure was the manner in which it happened…

Okay, first things first…there are only two teams in America that can overcome the first five  minutes of last Saturday’s game in front of that hostile crowd and live to tell about it…you guessed it OU and Alabama.  I know everyone is back to questioning our defense, but still winning that game was impressive.

As for the other part to this story, my friend Gary is right…OSU is the master at finding ways to lose a game.  Make a first down and run the clock out…instead they botch that deal and allow Baylor to go 60 yards for a score and win the game with 7 seconds left on the clock.  Texas was not much better as they scored too quickly and allowed the Mountaineers to go the length of the field to score and then successfully go for two twice to win the game.

I took a couple of things from these games other than the final outcomes.   First, if the Bowman kid can play against Texas, I am picking Tech to win.  Tech is better on defense and damn good on offense.  The Horns are a beat up bunch both mentally and physically.  And right on cue the game in Lubbock is a night game…I wish we could play Texas again, but I don’t see that happening.

By the way, the officiating in this league really sucks….first the Mountaineer player gets flagged for the upside down hook “em horns sign and then their best offensive lineman gets ejected for a shove.  As a result West Virginia kicked off into a stiff wind from their own 10 yard line and Texas scores with a short field.  In the OU game, the Sooners go from a 1st and goal on the Tech five to a 1st and ten on the forty.  If OU had scored on that drive the game would have been over at 42-31.

At the same time, Lincoln needs to assign someone to both sides of the ball to pull our guys away from the scrum in these situations.  Right or wrong, good call or bad call, this cannot happen again.

Now, as we head into Bedlam, it will be imperative to remember we were a four touchdown favorite over the Gags in Norman three years ago and lost in overtime.  No slips ups this time, keep the hammer down and blow them out.

After next Saturday, it will be interesting to speculate OU’s fate at the end of the season.  A Texas loss on Saturday will mean that the Horns will be out and things could get really interesting.  Everyone’s assuming that we are looking at an OU/West Virginia double header at the end of the year, but don’t be shocked if Iowa State sneaks in through the back door with their win over the Mountaineers earlier in the year.






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