I remember back in the day, I would call my football bro. at the halftime of an OU/OSU game to ask him what he thought about our chances.  You see this guy tends to have a knack for analyzing this game while I tend to look at things from an emotional perspective.  His advice to me was simple…they have thrown all they could at us in the first half and we’re still on top.  He was right as the Sooners came out victorious for the umpteenth time.

As I look at this year’s Bedlam game I have similar thoughts…T. Boone and Mike Gundy have thrown all they have at us and OU is still on top.  T. Boone was installed as OSU’s Pope some twenty years ago and Gundy eventually became his Maestro.  Timing was perfect as tough games against Nebraska and Texas A&M went away along with the occasional tussles with Colorado and Missouri.  Those games were replaced by Missouri State, South Alabama, Troy and a watered down Big 12.

Next, T. Boone built Mike a new stadium, along with and a State of the Art training facility.   Texas recruits headed north for Stillwater.  Ten win seasons became common place in Stillwater as well as numerous years when OSU was favored over the Sooners.

If I asked my football bro. about Saturday’s game, I suspect that his response would be the same as it was years ago.  Over the last decade, OSU has hit us with their best shot and we are still on top.  At the same time, like I said, I am the emotional wreck in these situations so for my sake I hope Lincoln will keep the pedal to metal and not look back…

Boomer Sooner…


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