Poke choke…

About the time we think that this year will be different, OSU remembers just in the nick of time, who they are and they hit the “poke choke” accelerator.  Happened again Saturday as OSU had us right where they wanted us, then they remembered who they were.

First, they botch the point after try to keep the game tied, next they produce the only fumble of the game that allowed the OU defense to get off the field and allow the Sooners to score the winning touchdown.  Finally, Mike Gundy who had done a masterful job of keeping the Sooners on their heels all day went into his full blown “poke choke” mode.

Even if OSU had converted the two point try, OU would have had plenty of time to go the length of the field to kick the winning field goal due to Gundy’s end of the game pass happy play calling.  Finally, Gundy should be sued by his players for malpractice for his two point conversion call.  That was the call that the OU defense was praying for…granted, it was a lousy throw by Corndog, but still…

In any case, all of this is good news as the Sooner season will live to tell its 2018 tale for one more week.  Hopefully, this defense can slow down Kansas next Saturday.  This is the ugly proof of the matter…hoping to slow down Kansas.

All the more reason for OU to open up its bank account and hire the best defensive coordinator money can buy.  OU’s chances of making the playoffs this year are thankfully on life support.  I don’t want to appear unsupportive of the OU cause, but with this defense, we don’t want any part of Alabama in the first round.   We need to focus our attention on 2019 with our hopes being placed on returning starters on defense and a new coach for that side of the ball.

I know OU fans are excited about five star quarterback recruit Spencer Rattler coming to Norman for next year, but he will still be a true freshman. Even if Rattler he is the reincarnation of Baker Mayfield, to continue to ask our offense to score every time we have the ball is unreasonable.

We need a new game plan…after all the OSU and Mike Gundy “poke choke” routine may play itself out one of these days.   We need a backup plan.  We need a defense.

Boomer Sooner…


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