Kids now days…

My dad’s generation used this excuse and at times I have conveniently used it for myself over the years; to be honest, this is a blame game gem.  The custodian in the “Breakfast Club” may have said it best when he explained to Dick, the assistant principal that kids hadn’t changed, he had.

I would suggest that the custodian had it right…this would be good advice for both Mike Stoops and Mike Gundy who have used this excuse in recent weeks.  Stoops couldn’t get his players to play for him while Gundy was sore after losing another player to transfer.

Granted, age can be a factor when relating to the younger generation, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Far more often, using the “kids now days” excuse is just a cop out, particularly useful during rough times.  Mike Stoops failed to realize that the game had passed him by and Mike Gundy was the victim of his own hypocrisy.

The Mike Stoops statement stands for itself, but the Mike Gundy part may need further explanation.  A month ago, Gundy justified using the new four game red-shirt rule to play Corndog instead of his Hawaii graduate transfer and his true freshman quarterback.  When one of his young defensive backs and a heralded receiver uses the same rationale to transfer without losing a year of eligibility, he complains about how kids have changed.

Apparently, Gundy was under the impression that young players today would be so smitten with his mullet and his locker room dance moves that they would never leave his side.  Mike Stoops assumed that players these days would relate to his rants and raves.  Both were wrong.

Personally, I tired of Stoops’ side line rants the day he called out his defensive back for playing off the Baylor receiver time and time again as the Bears quarterback picked us a part.  Possibly adjusting the formation might have been a nice touch.  I tired of Gundy’s mullet the first day I saw it and I knew full well that the Gundy dance moves would eventually wear out their welcome.

Stoops and Gundy should have seen this one coming…kids of any generation will go through a wall for a coach when treated with respect.   Stoops and Gundy apparently missed the respect memo.

Something to think about…





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