Another shot at Texas…

Okay, OSU and Texas did their job so now it’s our turn.  Assuming that Texas will take care of business in Lawrence next Saturday and OU wins on Friday we will have our OU/Texas rematch. I know our defense still sucks, but it can’t be any worse that it was back in October and our running game has gotten so much better.

Why do I care you may ask…I care because I don’t want to wait a whole year for another shot at Texas.  I also care because I don’t want Kyler Murray to have to go through life without a win over the burnt orange.  Kyler Murray will be like a man possessed with another shot at the Horns.

The hard part will be getting past the Mountaineers this Friday, but I am encouraged. First, OSU took the wind out of their sails Saturday night and in doing so squashed any talk of playing for a National Championship.  Football is an emotional game and having something extra to play for can be huge.

Secondly, West Va. will be taking its transcontinental flight back to Morgantown for what was already going to be a short week of practice.  OU players will be watching game field today while the boys from Morgantown will be recovering from jet lag.  It may be Tuesday, before the West Virginia players can see quality practice time.

Here’s another factor that might play into this scenario.  Word appears to be leaking out that Dana Holgorsen may be interested in the Colorado job.  Apparently, he has tired of trying to recruit players to a place with no high school football.  He saw Will Grier as his lunch ticket and they may go out together.  Regardless, these rumors can’t help team morale.

Here’s another angle…we will know after Friday night if rooting for Ohio State against Michigan Saturday morning will matter.  I have learned that in the OSU/Michigan game, anything is possible.  With a Michigan loss and with OU running the table with wins over West Virginia and Texas, that loss in the Cotton Bowl back in October would basically go away as far as the selection committee is concerned.

Who knows…even in the end a Michigan win on Saturday might create an interesting debate for the selection committee.  OU would be playing a top ten Texas team in the championship game while Michigan will be a playing a four loss Northwestern team.

As you can tell, I have changed my thinking a bit on the playoff subject.   Granted, with this defense, I don’t want any part of this Alabama team.  At the same time I don’t want any part of a Georgia team in the Sugar Bowl either.  If we are going to have to play a SEC behemoth, it might as well be in a playoff game.

Boomer Sooner…



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