Pooka Williams…

The kid that ran wild Saturday night against OU was no mistake.  Pooka was a four star prospect that David Beatty had recruited out of Louisiana two years back.  Pooka was one of several Louisiana highly ranked athletes that Beatty convinced to move from Louisiana to Kansas.  This Kansas team is well coached and has a ton of young talent. With the right guy at the helm anything will be possible moving forward.

Unfortunately, the right guy was not Coach Beatty.  He had built this Kansas team up from the ashes to make it respectable.  We saw evidence of this fact last Saturday night.   The problem is that Beatty had inherited too much baggage and the fans had lost faith as evidenced by atrocious home attendance counts.

A change was assured the moment Kansas hired Jeff Long as Athletic Director.  Long is a longtime buddy of Les Miles.   That’s right Less has fallen into tall cotton once again.

Les may be the luckiest man on planet earth…this guy fell into similar situations at OSU and LSU before arriving in Kansas.  Some will think that I am crazy believing Kansas is a good deal for anyone.  Trust me, if Mark Mangino can win at Kansas, anyone can.   It is all about timing.  Les Miles used the Kansas deal to justify a final buyout from LSU and will use his name and his Louisiana and Texas contacts to relocate a bunch more Pookas to Lawrence.

I am not saying Less will win his 2nd National Championship at Kansas, but trust me things will be different.  Expect a new stadium to be built within five years, a move that will create a meteoric rise in fan interest and recruiting.

The guy is about as likeable as a case of Shingles, but the guy can flat out coach and more importantly can flat out recruit.  It won’t happen this recruiting cycle, but within two years, he will have top 30 recruiting class in Lawrence.  With the talent now on campus, the Jawhawks will be bowl eligible within three years.

Pooka Williams will lead the way for Les Miles, the luckiest man on planet earth.





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