Texas do-over…

I felt pretty good about our chances against West Virginia, but after Lincoln’s play calling went south a couple times, I was beginning to wonder. Who would have thought that our defense would be the difference in the game?

I wanted a Texas do over and I have it. I felt that we were the better team in October and I still do.  The offense will roll and the defense will play inspired.  I also like the fact that the game is not being played in the Cotton Bowl.  I like our chances.

What’s the deal with OSU…Mike Gundy is doing a jig in the locker room after the West Virginia win last week and a week later his boys lose to one of the worst teams in America. TCU was down to its walk on, third string quarterback.  OSU beats Texas, West Virginia and comes within a point of beating OU and this team loses to three of the worst teams in the conference…go figure.

After OSU’s Saturday night loss, it appears that the Cowboys may have sunk to the Cheez-It Bowl.   Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.  OSU fans will come to the game dressed as orange Cheez-Its.

I never thought I would feel bad for Kliff Kingsbury, but I sort of do. The guy seemingly saved his job by beating OSU, loses his quarterback at the half time of the OU game and loses five games in a row which meant he was toast. Good luck finding someone to recruit to Lubbock, the arm pit of the universe.

One more OSU question…one must wonder how much money T. Boone is paying Hawaii graduate transfer Dru Brown to stay in Stillwater for another year. The kid transfers from California to Hawaii to Stillwater and gets beat out by a Corndog.  Go figure…







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