With spring practice some three months away and with fall practice even farther out, we are going to struggle for tidbits of good news these days. This weekend provided us with just that.

First off Lincoln hired Alex Grinch who hopefully will become the next Brent Venables.  Can you imagine a Clemson-type defense to go with Lincoln’s offense?   I know about as much about the new guy as you do, but then again, Cousin Eddie would be better than what we’ve had.

Mix in additional good news about the retirement of Tim Kish and the defensive side of the ball has gotten exponentially better.    Kish was hired from the dismantled Arizona staff along with Mike Stoops a few years back.   The word on the street for years has been that Kish was basically just taking up space in Norman.  With Mike gone, it was just a matter of time before Kish waved adios, as well.

Lincoln, like the rest of us knew what had to be done two years ago, but he knew that with Bob still in town, he had to bide his time.   Either Lincoln is wise beyond his years or he was given some good advice two years ago.  David Boren lived through the Howard Schnelenberger fiasco twenty five years ago when Howard went crazy firing staff members and yes hiring bad replacements.  I suspect that Boren made sure that Riley did not make the same knee-jerk mistakes this time around.  Patience is a virtue these days.

He must have known that the football gods would watch over the program.  For us to go 24-4 with two conference championships and two playoff berths during this time is off the chart amazing.  Without this record, OU would not be boasting a top three Rival’s recruiting class.  OU would not have been able to recruit four five-star recruits and three of the top four wide receivers in the country in this recruiting class.

If this offseason gets any better, we won’t be able to live with ourselves.

Boomer Sooner…





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