What a difference a decade makes.  Ten years ago Sherry Coale was the life of the women’s athletic program.   Today, Sherry is getting beat by an unranked Kansas State team by thirty and trying to scratch out a winning record.  Patti Gasso has become the headliner for OU women’s sports.

Patti Gasso recently showed us why this is the case as in similar fashion to OU football she decided to reload her program instead of rebuilding.  She was forced to replace possibly the best starting pitcher in OU history in Paige Parker and an unbelievable reliever in Page Lowary.  She has done so by bringing in Arizona State’s ace and two quality relievers.

Giselle Juarez is a left handed pitcher who last year at Arizona State had a 1.22 ERA with 305 strikeouts.  In 2018, she led the Sun Devils to the World Series where she lost to Paige Parker in a pitching duel.  Apparently, Juarez wants to be on the winning side this time around. Two solid relievers will join Juarez in the circle this year.  These pitchers will join an unbelievable core group from last year’s team that includes Caleigh Clifton, Shay Knighten, Sydney Romero, and all-world hitter Jocelyn Alo.

You gotta love a program that does not take a year off between great teams.  That can be so frustrating…if I wanted to live in that kind of world, I would be an OSU fan.  It’s also nice to have something to look forward to after football season.

Boomer Sooner…



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