Do over…

Today’s blog was a do over…the first one had the Sooners down for the count for this year.  I was assuming that the third nail in the Sooner coffin would happen in Stillwater on Wednesday night.   That loss would have set up the Sooners up for a third straight late season swoon.   Everything was on schedule as the Sooners had lost a home game to K-State and a road game to Texas and were trailing by 19 at Agwater.  Then it happened, OSU realized that they were Aggies and OU realized that they were Sooners.

I don’t want to get carried away because as we know the Sooners still play at LNC where home court advantages are hard to come by.  The Sooners are also trying to rebuild from the Trae Young year that cost the Sooners dearly.  Last year it was as if the team took the year off to allow Trae to audition for the NBA.

In any case, this team now has a chance to finish in the top half of the conference and more importantly, finish the season with 20 plus wins.  This fact plus the OU’s tough non-conference schedule should provide the Sooners with a four or five NCAA tournament seed.   This should allow the Sooners to get off the schnide of losing the opening round tournament game every year.

With Manek and Bieniemy improving with every game, next year looks a lot better for the Sooners.  Possibly, the Sooner men’s team can also find fans to occupy those red chair back seats at LNC, a move that will help us win games and cut into the red ink that sucks the life out of the athletic program.  Those dollars can go toward the so-called minor sports like softball and gymnastics…you know those so-called minor sports that win championships and bring the university positive attention.  We can use a lot more of that these days.

Boomer Sooner…



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