What a difference a week makes…

I know I said I was taking a break from basketball, but I can’t help myself. That game in Stillwater last week forces me to hit this subject again.  How in the world does any team come back from a 19 point deficit on the opponent’s home court and win?

I really do wish that someone at ESPN could research this matter for me.  I would bet someone else’s money that the odds of this happening on the other guy’s floor are less than a million to one. That’s right…winning the lottery is more likely.

The Sooners’ win in Stillwater motivated the Sooners to beat a decent Vanderbilt team from the SEC on Saturday which should now create some momentum going into Monday night.  I don’t want to give the SEC or Big 12 Commissioners too much credit, but it was as if they planned this game for a reason.

OU and Vanderbilt have the worst home court advantages in America.  OU plays in a concert hall with home fans sitting half a football field from the playing surface.   Vanderbilt fans not only sit fifty feet from court side they also sit five feet below the playing surface.  Seriously, you have to see this to believe it.

Okay, back to the news…the bottom line is this…this OU team has used an improbable win in Stillwater on Wednesday to create a beat down of Vanderbilt on Saturday.  If OU can shuttle enough students to Lloyd Noble on Monday to create a home court advantage, the Sooners may find themselves on a winning streak.   Last week at this time, this team was dead in the water…now who knows.

What a difference a win makes…

Boomer Sooner…



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