My bad…

This is what the kid’s say these days when they make a mistake.  My only hope is that you are reading this blog before reading the one I put out on Monday.  You see I was caught up in a bad case of Sooner euphoria.  OU had come back from the dead to beat OSU and then followed up that win with a beat down of Vanderbilt.  Then again, at my age I should have known better.

I was hopeful that we could avoid a third season of the late season swoon disease.  That happening now is unlikely.  I really did not see this one coming.  Baylor is not a bad team as the Baylor basketball team is a mirror image of its football team, a team full of athletes.  They made OU look like a high school team as they shot off to a 21 point first half lead before finishing out the Sooners by 30.

No sense bashing the LNC or the students or for that matter the donors who failed to find their way to Norman Monday night.  OU basketball is what it is and I guess we will have to accept it as such.  At this point, surviving the season with an 8 seed and having a shot at winning a game in the tournament would appear to be the best thing we can hope for.

In any case, thankfully spring football and softball are right around the corner.  I will spend the next few weeks looking at these sports…you know, the sports that OU officials seem to care about.

Again, my bad…

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