Which came first the chicken or the egg…

This is the age old argument for school administrators.  Some would suggest that an over emphasis in one area can create problems in the other.  I totally understand as I have seen situations where academics did take a back seat to sports.  I have also seen where school administrators would use an over emphasis in sports as an excuse for poor academic performance.

It has been my experience that for the most part excellence in one area tends to create excellence in the other.  The key to success in both areas is creating a positive school environment that makes students want to excel and represent their school in a positive manner.  That’s right excellence can be contagious…

Below I have listed the latest academic performance for 12 metro area high schools as presented by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.   I would suggest that the high schools on the A/B academic list also have outstanding athletic programs.  Conversely, I would suggest that high schools on the C list tend to be bringing up rear in both areas.

Academic grades…                       

  • Edmond Memorial           A
  • Edmond North                  A
  • Norman North                  B+
  • Westmoore                        B
  • Edmond Santa Fe             B
  • Mustang                             B
  • Norman High                    B
  • P.C. North                           B
  • Moore                                 C
  • Putnam City                      C
  • Southmoore                      C
  • Yukon                                 C



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