When in doubt, fire the help…

The good news is that Joe C. is taking a page from his OU football playbook.  The bad news is that this move may be too little, too late.   Don’t get me wrong, no one in their right mind expected Joe to fire Sherry so as we expected he is taking the easy way out.

Joe has insisted that Sherry send her longtime assistant coaches packing.  I can only hope that the move came with a one year plan of improvement.  I say this because as we know, Sherry does not like change and she most certainly does not like taking advice from others.  I am sure that firing her two assistants with four decades of experience was hard, but watching this team implode over the last several years has been even harder for OU fans.

A short leash is critical for us because Sherry is a different animal than Bob Stoops. The one year plan will help Joe insist that she hires the right people and takes their advice. The plan worked miracles in football, but then again we are talking Sherry here.

I also believe that Joe should turn the heat up on Lon as well.  Have Lon send his staff including his son to the showers and put him on a one year plan of improvement as well.   This team made the NCAA tournament by the skin of its teeth.  As we know from watching these guys all year, we’re not very good.  Let’s get real…this basketball program has just been taking up space for three years and yes bleeding off money that could be going to other sports.

Hey, who knows a year from now, OU can go to Kelvin Sampson with cap in hand, apologizing for his mistreatment the last time around.   Kelvin’s 11th ranked, 31-3 Houston Cougars are looking pretty good these days.   Who knows, OU fans may learn how to pronounce his name this time around.

If I appear to be impatient…I am.  I’m tired of football fans footing the bill for these two programs.  OU is sending millions of dollars down a rabbit hole for these guys.  If we’re not going to take basketball seriously, let’s turn them into club sports and use this money for football, gymnastics and softball.

Let’s start the plan of improvement clock on both basketball programs right now.  One year and counting…

Boomer Sooner…




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