Good news…bad news…

The good news is that in spite of my concerns with this year’s OU team, I picked OU to beat Ole Miss.  Not a big stretch since Ole Miss. was only a one point favorite, but when you are playing for a million bucks this is big time.  The fact that my Sooners won was an added bonus.

In spite of my reservations about this OU team, Lon Kruger schooled Ole Miss.  Anything is better than going one and done.    As we saw in the Virginia game, this team is very limited, but given the fact that three of the starters will be back next year and we have top ten recruiting class coming in, I’m back on board.

I’ve decided to allow Lon to keep his coaching staff and will extend his plan of improvement to two years instead of one.  I’ve checked with Joe C. and made sure he was aware of my decision.

Speaking of weird, apparently, Buddy Hield and Trae Young were both in the house for Friday’s game.  I know that Trae is the media favorite, but there is sure a lot to like about Buddy Hield.  He seemed like the consummate team guy to me.  I am sure that Lon being the nice guy that he is was gracious to both returning stars, but you must believe that in his heart of hearts, he would much prefer Buddy as a player over Trae.

Finally, with my OU pick on Friday, I am still in the hunt for that new car with my bracket.   Well, not really. After the weekend, my percentage according to ESPN is 99% which looks pretty good on paper, but then comes the bad news.  My bracket ranks me at #189,000.  That’s right…I would have a better shot at winning the lottery than playing the ESPN bracket game.

That’s okay; it gives me something to do as we wait for the spring game and the women’s college world series.

Boomer Sooner…




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