OU wrestling…

There was a time not that long ago when OU fielded outstanding wrestling teams.  Those were the days of Danny Hodge, the greatest Oklahoma high school wrestler ever and Steve “Dr. Death” Williams, the guy who invented Bedlam.  OU also won seven National Championships back in the day.  Those are distant memories now.

Over the past ten years, OU has effectively turned the wrestling program into a club sport.  Now OU wrestling is relegated to finishing behind fellow conference teams teams Northern Iowa and Utah Valley at the national tournament.  That was not a misprint; Northern Iowa and Utah Valley are now members of the Big 12 Conference for this one sport.

Making matters worse is that OU fans must now root for teams outside Oklahoma to win National Championships in wrestling.  Why you say is this case…With OU giving up on the sport, it can be assumed that every Oklahoma high school blue chip prospect in wrestling will choose to attend oSU.

As a result, it is just a matter of time before the Aggies win another National Championship in wrestling, a move that will make the local media wet their pants.    Fortunately, we are off the hook for this year.  Over the weekend, Penn State won its 8th National Championship in nine years.

For me rooting for Penn State is right up there with pulling for the Russians, but then again what alternative do I have.   The good news for now is that we are off the hook for this year as Penn State took home the brass ring for one more year.

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