Big 12 update…

  • Thankfully, OU fans have OU softball…the Sooners swept Texas over the weekend, extending their winning streak to 31 games. It should also keep the Sooners at #1 in the country.   Can you imagine what Patti Gasso’s bunch can do with the #1 seed in the national tournament.
  • Additional kudos to the women’s gymnastics team for winning their 4th National Championship. By the way, Maggie Nichols is only a junior so a fifth National Championship next year seems possible.
  • Texas sucks…OSU swept the Shorthorns in baseball over the weekend. Seriously, OSU loses two of three to Kansas and then they sweep Texas by scoring 36 runs in three games.  This may be the worst Texas team in baseball history…
  • For the record, the OU and Texas baseball programs have something in common. The current UT coach beat out the current OU coach for the Texas job a few years back.  Makes one wonder who came in third…
  • OU had to go to Minnesota to beat the Big Ten’s worst team in a weekend series. Possibly, OU should ask the Gophers to join the league next year. .

Boomer Sooner…




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