Bedlam alert…

No, this is not football or basketball season, but this year, there will be a Bedlam week in softball.  The Cowgirls will have their best chance in almost a decade to beat the Sooners in softball.   Aggie butt cheeks will be as tight as a drum as they envision a win over the top ranked Sooners.

While I hate to admit this, it could actually happen this year.  There are several reasons for my concern.   First the Cowgirls are on a hot streak having won eleven (11) games in a row.  This past weekend, they swept a pretty decent Texas Tech team.  Finally, OSU will have the last at bats in two of the three games.  And finally, seven inning games give the underdog an extra advantage.   I know we are the better team, but I also remember that it took a botched two point conversion try in last year’s Bedlam football game for us  to come out on top.

Finally, let’s be extra good this week as we may need Karma’s help to beat these guys twice in Stillwater.   Not only are we talking about a ten year/twenty game winning streak over the Cow Patties, we are also talking about a 35 game winning streak this year and a possible #1 National seed for the Sooners.

The first pitch in the three game series will be Friday night at 6:05 so prepare for smash mouth softball next weekend.  Buckle up, this should be fun…

Boomer Sooner…


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  1. OSU is a dangerous team this year and lucky as heck. They are hot. But so is OU and hopefully Alo has her mojo back. There’s not a bad hitter in the lineup. If OU plays their game, it may be like Texas. Close but still win. OU is certainly used to playing on the road (only 13 home games this year). Patty will have them ready. OSU’s best shot is Friday night in Stillawaiter. This team gets stronger as a series progresses. Game plan: build a lead and hold off the bottom of the 7th.

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