OU baseball…

I know we have gymnastics and softball, not to mention football to fall back on, but it would be nice to see a little improvement in baseball as well.   You would think that an Athletic Department that generated $138 million dollars in revenue last year could produce a decent baseball team.   OSU has now beaten OU 22 of the last 27 games.  This is beginning sound like OU’s domination of OSU in football.

At this point, I would love to blame the coach, but in reality the current guy inherited a total train wreck. After Larry Cochel reinvented OU baseball at the turn of this century and carried OU to a National Championship, he gets fired by Joe Castiglione.   Joe then hires Gene Stephenson who quits the next day.   Joe then commits the ultimate knee jerk sin and hires Sunny Galloway.  Under Galloway, the Sooners suffered through a five year reign of terror.  Even his nephew couldn’t stand the guy.

After five years, Joe fires Galloway and hires a no-name coach from Virginia Tech.  The Sooners spent the next four years treading water.  Joe then fires Pete Hughes and replaces him with current coach Clint Johnson.  You get the message; it has been 15 years of revolving coaches and limited success for OU baseball.

Given the ineptitude of this year’s Sooner team, it would appear that this program is stuck in quicksand.  Unless the Sooners can pull off a miracle and win the Big 12 Conference Tournament, OU will be absent from this year’s post season.

The good news is that this OU team appears to be young and the pitching staff should return in tact.  Additionally, Clint Johnson has a reputation for being a pitching guru which should help.  For additional good news, things can only get better from here.

Stayed tuned…

Boomer Sooner…



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