Winning Streaks…

It was like Shock City on Sunday as the OU girls absorbed a loss for the first time in 42 games.  No one saw it coming as OU fans had already booked flights to OKC for the World Series.   That’s the problem with winning streaks; they have to end sometime…you just hope that the damage can be minimized in short order.   Thankfully, that was the case here as the OU women came back to win the night cap and in doing so started their next winning streak.

I could not help but be reminded of the other OU winning streak that was snapped back in ’57.   The Sooner football team had won 47 in a row and fans thought that that streak would last forever as well.   Fans in attendance on that November day were equally shocked by the outcome.  According to news reports, OU fans sat in their seats after the game stunned that the streak had been snapped.

Thankfully, softball could bounce back within the hour to make amends.  It took the Sooner football team over fifty years to avenge that loss to Notre Dame.  The good news for the softball team is by getting that winning streak out of the way the Sooner women can now focus on the task at hand, winning another National Championship…

Speaking of streaks, after the ’57 loss, Notre Dame strung together six more wins against the Sooners before OU won at South Bend in 2013.  Notre Dame owes us a game and OU has an opening in 2023.  2023 will be the 100 year anniversary for Memorial Stadium and Joe C. is promising a big non-conference game that year.

This may be a stretch, but it would be cool for Notre Dame to visit Norman that year.  This game would serve a dual purpose.  The Sooners could extend their winning streak over the Irish while also allowing fans who were forced to endure the ’57 game to be present.  Hopefully, David Boren will be one of those fans.  I happen to know that Boren was there with his dad on that day.

Boomer Sooner…


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