Whoa Nelly…

Unhitch the horses and put the ponies in the barn, Kansas is moving up the recruiting charts.  According to the latest Rivals rankings, KU has moved to #24 in the 2020 national rankings.  Due to the early nature of these rankings that value quantity over quality this ranking should not be overstated, but…

Give Les Miles credit…this is the same Kansas football program that just two years ago was ranked the worst in America.   Also, give Les credit for not trying to reinvent the wheel at Kansas.  Les knows a good thing when he sees it.  He used an effective smash and grab scheme two decades ago in Stillwater to put OSU back on the football map.  Les used his recruiting at OSU to leave Stillwater for a big league job at LSU.  He also left town before his despicable recruiting tactics could be discovered by the NCAA.

When T. Boone hired Les Miles, OSU was coming off its near-death penalty and was desperate for a winner.  Kansas football is in similar straits as the football program has gone almost a decade without a winning season.  Kansas A.D. Jeff Long reached out to Les Miles to replicate his by hook or by crook act in Lawrence.

I have no doubt that he will do just that.  I predict that over the next four years KU will beat arch rival K-State and go to a Bowl.   Once he does this Les Miles will hit the bricks just ahead of NCAA’s investigation of the program.   The guy is smarter than he looks…




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