It can always be worse…

Here’s a scary thought…twenty five years ago Terry Don Phillips was a rising star as the Athletic Director at OSU.  In a surprising move Terry Don decided in mid-stream to give up one orange gig for another.  He left Stillwater to become the Clemson AD.

I remember thinking at the time…why would anyone leave one state Agricultural School for another?    Why would he also relocate to a football program that would play 2nd fiddle to another big brother?  South Carolina has never been a top feeder, but they were coached by Lou Holtz and Steve Spurrier back in the day.  Clemson at the time was a middle of the road ACC Conference team dominated by Florida State.

Looking back now I suspect that Terry Don was provided with an exit plan by T. Boone Pickens.   The OSU Godfather was ready to make his move in Stillwater.   T. Boone hired his golfing buddy Mike Holder to be his A.D., who in turn hired Les Miles and Mike Gundy to run the football program.  Give T. Boone credit, he has done a nice job of putting OSU back on the football map, but nothing like Terry Don has done at Clemson.  Terry Don has since retired, but what he put in place at Clemson has turned the South Carolina Aggie School into a monster.

Gundy has beaten OU twice during his time in Stillwater and continues to recruit 3 star players.  Terry Don’s hire, Dabo Swinney has owned his big brother.  Clemson with its recruiting classes of five star athletes has created separation, from the rest of the ACC, not to mention from South Carolina.

Can you imagine the thought of having to play Clemson Thanksgiving weekend every year.    I don’t want to think about it.

Thank God for small miracles.

Boomer Sooner…


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