Football wins…

Dr. Tamage, OU’s resident football historian passed on some interesting win total information for OU football recently.   OU has won 896 games in football compared to 632 for UCO, 621 for Tulsa and 592 for OSU.  That’s right…OU has 304 more wins in football than OSU.

This win total ranks OU as # 8 in the country in this category.   This amazing stat. was compiled in spite of the fact that the Sooners got a late start in the football game.  While other football teams began playing football years after statehood, OU started its football program 12 years before statehood.  Michigan, the team that ranks #1 on the win list at 953 wins achieved statehood 73 years before Oklahoma became a state.   Michigan also began playing football in 1879, some 16 years before OU played its first football game.

Now, let’s take a look at the other state schools.    UCO has won 632 games compared to 621 for Tulsa and 592 for OSU.    While the OU win total is impressive, equally impressive is the fact that UCO has 40 more wins and two more legitimate National Championships in football than OSU.  It looks like OSU has two big brothers instead of just one.

Let’s put this matter into even more clarity.  OU ranks up there with the big boys of college football in Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Alabama.   OSU on the other hand has found a way to dumb itself down to the likes of West Chester, Albion, Charlotte, Wabash and Wisconsin-Whitewater.

About the time, we think it can get any better, it does…

National win list…

1…Michigan 953

2…Ohio State 911

3…Texas 908

4… Yale 907

5… Alabama 905

t6..Notre Dame 897

t6..Nebraska 897

8…Oklahoma 896


State School’s win list…

1…Oklahoma 896

2…UCO 632

3…Tulsa 621

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