Hard times…

I have to admit it…I never saw that mess on Saturday coming.  Of course as Dr. T. has said many times, you can never trust Kansas State, with or without Bill Snyder.   Now, we must navigate our way back to the top for a shot at the CFP.  That means jumping over five undefeated and four one loss teams in the latest AP poll.  Adding to our challenge is a Big 12 that has fallen apart.  Even the Big 12’s only undefeated team, the Baylor Bears are well out of the CFP running.

For those of you who love a challenge, this is it.

I know, it’s probably best to put these things behind us, but this one is going to be hard to deal with.  While after that 3rd quarter, the Sooners probably had no business being in this game at the end, they were and yes, should have won the game.

Granted, the onside kick could have gone either way, but I will always contend that it should have gone our way.  Even without the onside kick, we should have won the game.  Think of this…

  1. Cee Dee Lamb gets hammered in the end zone at the end of the game…a move that should have resulted in a pass interference clock stoppage and a subsequent OU score. (2 minutes lost on the clock)
  2. Then Jalen Hurts scores a touchdown…the officials decide not to review the play resulting in a loss of 30 seconds before he scores for a second time. This review business is driving me over the edge.
  3. On the second try, Jalen is clearly into the end zone for the score, but the side judge takes 30 seconds to make his way to the scrum to signal a touchdown. Where do they find these guys…my grandmother can move faster than that guy and she’s in a walker?

According to my math, these events would have given OU an extra three minutes, not to mention extra time-outs prior to the onside kick fiasco.  Most importantly, this would have given us more than enough time to avoid a precarious onside kick scenario.

I’m sorry, but this conference sucks…from the t.v. contract to the officiating crews to the teams themselves.  Now, we must fight our way back to the top using a conference consisting of a no-name Baylor team and a bunch of two loss conference teams.  Oh well, it is what it is…

Like I said, everyone loves a challenge.  I think we just found one…

Boomer Sooner…


First off I want to thank all of you for your Christmas wishes.  I’ve been celebrating a premature Christmas all day.   Normally, a win is a win, but not in this case.  We now have a legitimate shot to play for all the marbles, not to mention OU-Texas bragging rights.   I felt pretty good going into the game, but squandering two touchdowns made me squirm a bit.  In the end this fact only sweetened the feeling.

One more thing… a wise man once said that offense sells tickets, but defenses win championships.  We saw this OU team come of age on Saturday and hopefully the 2019 Sooners will become the personification of this wise man’s advice.  This offense will only get better as the season goes on and now that we have a defensive coordinator that can spell defense, this team will have a shot at winning a National Championship.  Hang on; this is going to be a fun ride.

By the way, let’s give Sam Ehlinger his due…this guy’s a gamer…I don’t like the guy, but he did his best to will his team to a win.  He also has a bunch of long armed receivers and now that Texas has a semblance of a run game, these guys will be dangerous when they get healthy.   I don’t want to see Texas again this year.  The good news is that the Horns play Iowa State, Baylor and Tech at the end the season.  Our best bet may be Iowa State.  The Cyclones are going to be tough down the stretch, particularly in Ames.

Here’s one other question about the OU-Texas game.  I’ve never thought of this before, but how many football stadiums in America have both teams enter the stadium through the same entrance.  Being OU-Texas, once must wonder why a fight has not broken out before.  This plan is similar to having the Earp and the Clanton brothers walk down the same street in Tombstone on the way to the OK Corral.  Can you imagine the smack talk that would be coming out of Doc Holliday’s mouth?

There is an upside to this story.  Every member of the team got an unsportsmanlike penalty for the game due to what happened in the tunnel.  This means that every walk-on making the trip to Dallas will have a tale to tell their grandchildren.   These guys will brag that they were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct at the OU-Texas game back in ’19.  I can only imagine how this story will evolve after being retold thousands of times.

Boomer Sooner…



October 8, 1966 is a day that will live in infamy.  Those are famous words, not about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and from FDR, but about an OU win over Texas and from ERS.  This date was the first OU win over Texas in my memory bank.  Like other dates in history where old timers remember exactly where they were at that point in time, I remember exactly where I was on that day.

I became a rabid OU at age 8 and did not experience a win over Texas until I was 16.   Year after year, I would go through Texas week expecting a win, only to have my hopes dashed against the rocks each year.  My first win in ’66 was worth the wait.

For the record, I would not taste a win over Texas for five more years.   For those who are counting, that was 12 of 13 scar-filled years.  So much for being a spoiled OU fan.   I learned early on to appreciate Texas wins and while those wins have become much more common place, they’re still special.  A win over Texas is like a 2nd Christmas.

Just like in the old days, the days will creep by as we await OU-Texas.  It will finally arrive and those of us who will be watching the game on our in-house big screen will warn family members including canines to vacate the premises for four hours.  I also warn love ones to check the final score before returning home.

Like the old days, OU fans should be careful about getting their hopes up, but just like the old days, I won’t be able to help myself.  I know crazy things happen in this game, but I must admit I feel really good about our chances.  We have the better team, so I fully expect to celebrate a 2nd Christmas this year.

Boomer Sooner…