I recently got cute with a Sherri blog where I tried to explain that the only way to get rid of Sherri was to lose a game.   This situation underscores the desperate nature of our current situation for women’s basketball.    My point was that Joe C. was going to need an excuse to do the right thing.  Sherri went on to win a couple more games and Sherri’s supporters came out of the woodwork saying “I told you so”.

Since that time Sherri’s girls have proceeded to return to earth by losing four in a row, including a loss to a really bad K-State team and to rival Texas.  For the record, Sherri’s team will probably go on to win a few more games this year due to the top heavy status of the conference.  Regardless of the final record, it is time for a change.

Sherri will continue to pull down her $1 million dollar salary and put out a mediocre product.  Watching Sherri’s teams play reminds me of my time in Woodward.  Our girl’s teams would kick butt and take names against local teams, but anytime we ventured into enemy territory in Liberal or Garden City or OKC we were toast.  Their better athletes would get us every time.

For the record, I love OU and I’ve always liked Sherri Coale as a person, but nothing has changed since my first blog, it’s time for her to move on…

While the recent bowl season is now in the rear view mirror for most fans, I can’t help myself.  The truth of the matter is that the bowl season hammered home the reality that the Big 12 is not ready for prime time football.  Three Big 12 teams were handled by teams from the SEC.  In addition Iowa State was pummeled by a slow-footed Notre Dame team and K-State was beaten by one of the military academies.  Texas came out a winner, but only because they played in front of home crowd.

Here’s the ugly truth…

  • L 63-28 OU vs. LSU
  • L 33-9 Iowa State vs. Notre Dame
  • L 26-14 Baylor vs. Georgia
  • L 23-20 K-State vs. Navy
  • L 24-21 OSU vs. Texas A&M
  • W 38-10 Texas vs. Utah

We can rest assured that the league’s abysmal performance will not be lost on the rest of the college football world, particularly the media.  Big 12 homers will insist that the rest of the world is bias against the Big 12, but seriously these facts don’t lie.  I think it is time to stop whining about the SEC and do something about it.  You know…recruit better athletes and create better teams.

At the same time, we are stuck with the current conference alignment for the foreseeable future so I would suggest that a stop gap plan may be in order.  Retooling the Big 12 image can start by beating SEC teams at the beginning of next year.  Big 12 bell cows, OU and Texas will play two top 25 SEC teams next September.  OU will play Tennessee at home and Texas will play a LSU team devoid of both offensive and defensive coordinators and Joe Burrow.  Starting the season 2-0 against the SEC is a real possibility.

Unfortunately or fortunately (from a Big 12 perspective) OSU with their latest set of triplets will be very good next year as well.  These guys should cruise through their Big 12 schedule with the exception of OU and Texas.  This should land three Big 12 teams in the top 15 nationally.  For the Big 12 to have three conference teams with this pedigree at the end of the season will mean a lot for the reputation of the Big 12.  The rest of the league has gotten stronger so if these teams can handle their non-conference opponents, the Big 12 will be off and running.

While I must admit that I hate the thought of OSU and Texas hanging with the Sooners, this is the only way that saving this god-forsaken conference can occur.    I have come to accept that Oklahoma is a backward state with redneck politicians that are never going to split OU and OSU up…so we might as well grin and bear it…




That was a tough loss for Sooner fans on Wednesday night.  The Sooner women came storming back from a 17 point deficit to edge out the rival Cowgirls.  This win may spell the end of the “banish Sherry” movement.

Customarily, for OU coaches, it takes three years of really bad play to send a coach to the showers and Sherry was well on her way to achieving her ticket out the door. Unfortunately, Wednesday’s win over OSU has changed things.

Joe Castiglione may have gotten a gift when the Sooner women won in Stillwater, but OU fans might think otherwise.  Now we are going to be burdened with watching Sherry coach the Sooner women into her 60’s.  Given her $1.1 million dollar yearly salary, Sherry will have no intention of going quietly into the night.  Now, with this win Sherry can set her own terms of when and how.

With the win, OU fans will now be subjected to the drip, drip, drip of a program going nowhere. I know that waterboarding has been outlawed by the Geneva Convention, but apparently Joe Castiglione missed the memo.  OU fans deserve better than this.

I hope I have to eat my words one of these days, but for now I just don’t see a way out of this malaise.  From where I sit, it looks as though OU fans will be subjected to years of “just good enough” basketball on the women’s side.

I hope I’m wrong…

Protecting the Streak…

Rooting for LSU against Clemson in the CFP Championship game has become a painful, yet necessary reality for OU fans.  We must now root for LSU with their obnoxious fans and their jack ass coach to protect the Streak. OU has been the most successful football team in America since WWII with seven National Championships and seven Heisman Trophy winners, but all of this pales in comparison to the Streak.

Under Bud’s tutelage back in the 50’s the Big Red won 47 games in a row.   The magnitude of this feat is further enhanced when we realize that the Streak occurred during the era of 10 game seasons.  Additionally, OU was also penalized by conference rules that did not allow the Sooners to play in consecutive end-of-year bowl games.  Today teams play 12 game regular seasons plus a conference championship game and two CFP playoff games for a total of 15 games per year.  Seems a little unfair don’t you think?

And now for the scary part…if Clemson beats LSU on Jan. 13 the Tigers will have won 30 games in a row.   Combine this fact with Clemson’s incredibly weak non-conference and ACC schedule next year and the Streak could be in real trouble.  If Clemson were to go undefeated in 2020 the Tigers would have 45 straight wins which would be only three short of eclipsing the Streak.

From there the news gets only worse for Sooner fans.  In an ironic twist of fate the team that snapped the Streak back in ’57 would become our next best friend.  Notre Dame plays Clemson next November. At that point the Clemson winning streak could reach the 40’s.  Even worse, OU fans would have no choice, but to root for the Irish.

That’s right OU fans; we can root for LSU now or for Notre Dame later…seems like a no brainer to me.

Boomer Sooner…