I recently got cute with a Sherri blog where I tried to explain that the only way to get rid of Sherri was to lose a game.   This situation underscores the desperate nature of our current situation for women’s basketball.    My point was that Joe C. was going to need an excuse to do the right thing.  Sherri went on to win a couple more games and Sherri’s supporters came out of the woodwork saying “I told you so”.

Since that time Sherri’s girls have proceeded to return to earth by losing four in a row, including a loss to a really bad K-State team and to rival Texas.  For the record, Sherri’s team will probably go on to win a few more games this year due to the top heavy status of the conference.  Regardless of the final record, it is time for a change.

Sherri will continue to pull down her $1 million dollar salary and put out a mediocre product.  Watching Sherri’s teams play reminds me of my time in Woodward.  Our girl’s teams would kick butt and take names against local teams, but anytime we ventured into enemy territory in Liberal or Garden City or OKC we were toast.  Their better athletes would get us every time.

For the record, I love OU and I’ve always liked Sherri Coale as a person, but nothing has changed since my first blog, it’s time for her to move on…

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