Being an OSU fan is easy while being an OU fan is hard.  OSU fans don’t expect to win so its like Christmas when they do.  On the other hand, OU fans expect to win every game so when it does not happen, it’s a big deal.   Saturday was one of those times for both sides.  OSU beat a very mediocre OU team and like they do anytime they beat big brother they stormed the court like they had just won the Super Bowl.

In like manner the local media followed suit.  An OU win would barely make the newspaper while the OSU win meant that not only was it front page news, it was spread all over the front page like Lindbergh’s Paris landing.  Berry Tramel was so happy about having something to write about he wet his pants.

Basically, what we have here is little brother trying to stand up to big brother and big brother in this case finding a way to let it happen.  For those us in the know, we realize that both the men’s and women’s basketball programs are on life support so beating either one of these teams is no big deal.  The men’s team is so bad that OU has been relegated to playing home games on the road in search of fans.

OSU on the other hand has an arena just feet away from thousands of students with no place to go.  With OSU assistant coaches being programmed to take bribes from Adidas officials to convince players to make Stillwater their home, this makes for a perfect storm.  I’ve been to Stillwater many times and getting a kid from the east coast to relocate to Stillwater appears highly suspicious to me.  That’s right these guys are being funneled to Stillwater via the under-the-table circuit.  And of course this is America where any play for pay scheme can work.   Next year’s OSU class is ranked 6th in the country while OU’s class has yet to break into the top 100.

Okay, here’s the deal…for most of us, changing our locale at this point in life is not going to happen so we will have to continue living with this nonsense.  We are stuck here so we need to learn how to deal with this manarchy.   To that end, we need to remember that big brother will beat little brother most the time.

We also have to remember our favorite football saying…there is only one Oklahoma.  Down deep every OSU player and fan knows this to be the truth.   It is also important to keep in mind that little brother will have to come to our place in the fall.  I take solace in the fact that the football team can deal out a huge dose of pay back pie when that happens.

Boomer Sooner…


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