It’s football time…in Oklahoma…

Last Friday, OU and OSU announced that on-campus classes would proceed as planned this fall.  Now we can start planning for football season.   OU officials have been looking for a way out of this Coronavirus mess and they have found it.   OU students took them off the hook by making it known loud and clear that they would not tolerate another semester of online classes.

Some colleges and universities can operate just fine with online classes, but not OU.  High school students work their butts off for years just to make the cut for OU admission.  These students compete for these slots in order to be part of the OU experience, an experience that includes Sooner football.

Interim president Joe Harroz realized that another semester of online classes would decimate OU’s enrollment and create a massive budget shortfall which would lead to layoffs across the board.  This financial avalanche would set the university back for years.   Harroz solicited good news and got it.  Now, we can get on with the real issue here, college football.

Now that students are set to return in the fall, conference commissioners can decide when the games will begin.  If we get a break from Covid 19 over the next few months, football practices can resume as scheduled August 1.  If a second round of Covid 19 cases surfaces in late summer, football would then be delayed until next February.  Either way, we’ll have football this school year.

Boomer Sooner…



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