Play for pay is now legal…

Apparently, the NCAA has grown tired of chasing its tail and has decided to legalize “pay for play.”  On the surface this may appear to be good news for OSU and the other cheaters of the world, but maybe not.  This move may actually turn out to be a good thing for the rest of college basketball.

The good guys assumed that OSU would be in the hoosegow by now for their ”pay for play” scheme that played out in Federal Court.  As of today, it appears that the bad guys will only suffer collateral damage.   OSU assistant coach Lamont Evans fell on his sword and is now cooling his heals in the Leavenworth Hilton.

The NCAA has apparently decided to give OSU and the other schools involved in the sordid affair a pass.  It has to be assumed that the NCAA believed that making sense of this mess would be far too challenging for the mortal man. The boys from Stillwater saw this coming and were able to use their connections with the underworld to come up with one last recruiting class using the old “play for pay” playbook. It worked as OSU just recruited a top five class.  I know it’s lovely in Stillwater this time of year, but really…

We will see where this goes from here, but I suspect that OSU may rue the day when the NCAA legalized “play for pay”.  The Ags had been using their expertise in this area for years to make themselves relevant in college basketball.  Now, the rest of college basketball will be able to do this sort of thing legally.  I suspect that the value of an endorsement deal for a player from a blue blood school like Kentucky, Duke or Kansas will be worth a lot more than that of OSU.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Boomer Sooner…









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