Let the games begin…

As I made my way into Walmart for my yearly suicide mission to pick up wreaths for my parent’s graves, it dawned on me…cancelling football season would  be like cancelling Walmart…that’s right, it ain’t going to happen.

None of the Walmart and the 7-Eleven shoppers that I observed on that day were the least bit concerned by Covid 19, social distancing or masking.   These crowds had declared mission accomplished.   With this in mind, I suggest that OU officials move forward with business as usual.   It’s game on…

The OU guys will do their part to reassure everyone that they are taking the latest coronavirus seriously.   Full body screening will be in vogue as fans move through both security and Covid 19 entry points before  entering the stadium.   Joe will even take this opportunity to introduce fans to digitized tickets.   Smart move on Joe’s part.   He’s been waiting for just the right time and he found it.  Even the old farts will have a hard time arguing against this move.

While I expect that masks will be even more optional by the fall,  OU officials will use this opportunity to have fans stripe the stadium for the Missouri State game.   OU fans will coordinate section numbers with the red and white masks.  Might be pretty cool at that.

With a second round of the Covid 19 on the way and with no vaccine in sight, Boomers may still be tentative to be part of game one.  Millennials who live without fear will step into the breach to snatch up Boomer tickets.   Thank goodness for millennials…the place will be sold out.

The players will report back to campus on June 15, students will report back for classes in late August and OU will open up on September 5th as planned.  Really…if we had relied on the Walmart barometer all along, we could have saved some stress…

Let the games begin…   



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