First off, let’s give Eddie Sutton credit.  The guy could flat out coach…I hated those games when OU would have to play against his teams with their smothering defense.  At the same time, it is important to keep things in perspective.  While OSU fans and the local media will make Eddie out to be the greatest coach in basketball history.   Fans of James Naismith and John Wooden and for that matter Billy Tubbs and Kelvin Sampson might disagree.

While Eddie’s coaching record at OSU was .709 during the Billy and Kelvin eras, Kelvin and Billy had .719 and .716 winning percentages respectively during the Eddie era.  Not to be overlooked is the fact that for the most part both Billy and Kelvin had exceptional records when it came to the NCAA as well.  Kelvin had a minor skirmish while Billy’s record was spotless.   As for Eddie, he had his problems.  

Eddie caused his Kentucky program to get slammed with a near death penalty back in the day.  After getting canned by Kentucky, Eddie landed at the land of cheaters where he finished out his career.  Unfortunately, Eddie was eventually given the boot at OSU as well.  

Like him or not, what happened next was egregious.   OSU used Eddie as a prop in his later years as he was constantly carted from the local nursing home to GIA for half time shows.   At that point in his life, he was oblivious to his surroundings.  Even Eddie haters had to feel sorry for the guy as he deserved better than that. 

OSU fans eat up this tragedy stuff up.   They play that card every chance they get…they did it when Eddie was alive and now they will do it in his passing.   This is how OSU justifies their existence.     

They have no shame…

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