Something to think about…

  • Should Tom Herman be thankful that his Horns lost to Iowa State Thanksgiving weekend.  This may sound crazy, but I would say yes to that question.   Beating Iowa State and securing a spot opposite OU in the Big 12 Championship game would most assuredly gotten the guy fired.    
  • Today’s Sooner team is light years better than the one that Herman faced back in October.  A 2nd loss to the Sooners would be bad enough for Longhorn fans, but an embarrassing loss to the Sooners would have inflamed the Texas fan base.  Now Tom Herman can orchestrate a three-game end of season winning streak that will include a bowl win.  Firing a head coach with a 7-3 record in a COVID year will be hard to do even for Texas. 
  • Don’t get to worked up about the lackluster OU win against Baylor…Baylor is better than people think.  As usual this Baylor team has a ton of athletes and new Head Coach Dave Aranda has them playing well at the end of the season.  They also caught OU at the best possible time…It was next to impossible to get OU players and fans fired up for Baylor after the OSU game.  OU also had to deal with Covid issues that required many of the practices to be conducted via zoom.  Think about that one for a while…only in 2020. 
  • Speaking of OU-Baylor…when was the last time that time that we saw our defense bail out our offense.  This defense is really good…the last three opponents have scored 9, 13, and 14 points. That three-game event has not happened since the 2006 season.  And of course, in one of those games we shut down a Big 12 Champion and the 2020 Heisman Trophy winner. 
  • Speaking of OSU…the Ags have done it again…they get their fans all fired up with rosy expectations only to crush their dreams. They always get off to a hot start against soft competition only to hit the skids once they start playing teams with better athletes.  TCU didn’t have better athletes, but OSU simply insisted on losing that game. 
  • Expect Chuba Hubbard to unofficially opt out for the rest of the season.  That boot on his foot makes it looks like he’s really hurt, but in actuality he is opting out without going public. He’s likely already hired an agent.  Same goes for Tylan Wallace.  Both these guys are wondering, what the hell was I thinking…
  • I borrowed this one from Dr. Tamage…when was the last time a reigning National Championship team was a fifty-point dog the next season…that would be this past weekend as LSU was a fifty-point underdog to Alabama.  It could not happen to a better team.  You really have to hate LSU fans…
  • Finally, the early signing period is this Wednesday…This will mark the beginning of what could turn into a monstrously great recruiting year for the Sooners…
  • I have three favorite holidays…National Letter of intent signing day, Thanksgiving and Christmas in that order…I know, this sounds crazy, but this has always been the case for me.  

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